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The Separation of Powers

The Separation of Powers

This term we have been learning about the government and who it works. I choose the separation of power for my info-graphic. In my info-graphic it explains what it is the separation of power ( goes in more detail about the 3 ). It also says why we need it, the balance between them and a bibliography. I think i did really well with my paragraphs and the structure of my info-graphic because I put a lot of work in my info-graphic and I really like the format of how I have showed it.

ICT safer internet day

ICT safer internet day

My Pledge:

I pledge to never exclude, target or tease anyone online as well as never cyberbully anyone and to be supportive.

What is cyber bullying….

It was about how to not cyberbully and what to do if you see cyber bullying what and how to stop it

Safer Internet Day!

Safer Internet Day!

Today we participated in a webinar. it was about safety and privacy online. we learned that you should always have your settings set to private so people don’t hack you and get your personal details. when you post something online you create a digital footprint that can never be taken down or deleted. there was an animation about a little girl who wanted to be famous, and we learned that being famous online can lead to cyber-bullying. if you are being bullied online you should take a screenshot of the bullying as evidence and show it to a trusted adult. never meet up with someone from an online chat that you don’t know in real life, because they might be lying about their identity and they could be bad people. if someone asks you to meet up, you should block them and tell a trusted adult. if you are worried about something online you can contact kids help line for help and more information.

The rights for being online:

-feel safe and secure

-be different



be safe online!!

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