Read like a Reader

Read like a writer





I can relate to this. This is about a girl called Rachel and she is 11. On her birthday at school she has a situation about a red sweater that wasn’t her’s. At the time being she wishes that she had been older in this situation so she would know how to deal with this and speak up.

“Today I wish I was one hundred and two instead of eleven because if I was one hundred and two I’d have known what to say”

This was a very interesting idea because I am 11 and I don’t feel different at all. I mean I have learnt more more but I still feel like I am 10.


How did she come up with this idea?

Is this a true story?



I thought it was a very interesting way to set out a story. So first it kind of starts in her head and she is talking, then it starts talking about a red sweater and how it is not her’s but the teacher is accusing her that it is her’s because someone dobbed her in.

“ if I was one hundred and two I’d have known what to say when Mrs. Price put the red sweater on my desk. I would’ve known how to tell her it wasn’t mine”


Why did she lay it out that way?

Why did she chose a red sweater?



I think this story would have been directed more towards 9-12 yr because it is saying that even if your 9, 10,11 or 12 maybe higher you will always have a piece of you from when you are little.

“when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one.”




Word Choice

The words in this text were very familiar to me so if I were to say it in tier 1,2 or 3 I would say it is tier 2 because there were very familiar words but there not to easy. It also use some metaphors and similes.


“ you grow old is kind of like an onion or like the rings inside a tree trunk or like my little wooden dolls that fit one inside the other, each year inside the next one.”

Why did she chose to use easy but not to challenging words?


Sentence Fluency

In Eleven  there are lots of short and long sentences and for some of the long sentences it took like 2 or 3 lines for one idea to be explained probably


“Maybe she’s feeling three.”


” you grow old is kind of like an onion or like the rings inside a tree trunk or like my little wooden dolls that fit one inside the other, each year inside the next one.”





She mainly used commas, full stops and talking marks in her writing. She did use question marks and apostrophes but not as much as the first 3.

“That’s not, I don’t, you’re not…Not mine,” I finally say in a little voice that was maybe me when I was four.”

Grammar and spelling

Her grammar was very accurate and the same for spelling she was very wise about her word choice and her spelling was also very good.



Project Reflection!

My animal was the bilby, and I was really looking forward to learning about it. I personally think that I have achieved having more confidence because Jacinta and I had to be the second ones to go up and present, I had butterfly’s in my tummy but I got thought it and I thought we did really well. With the rubric I underlined mostly 3’s because I think we did a pretty good job at everything to do with our presentation, and I was just really impressed with our model because we put so much effort into it so I am glad that it all payed off.

3 facts I found interesting were:

*that the bilbies sense of seeing and hearing is not acute so their hearing is very acute.

*a baby bilby has to stay in its mothers belly for 80 days before coming out.

*a bilbies borrow can get up 2-3 meters deep.


*I understand that if a baby bilby came out of its mothers pouch early it would not survive.

*I understand that if the bilby didn’t have powerful forelimbs then, if it was running from its predators then it would have all ready been eaten because, its forelimbs give the bilby power to run fast.


*I am still wondering why a bilby has a black band around its tail.

Most Important:

I think the most important thing that I have learned this unit is how all these different types of animals have adapted over time for example I never knew that a camel had 3 sets of eyelashes.

How I learnt it:

I learnt it by paying attention in class and of course being engaged in the topic.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

I am going remember it so for the future if I need to know what the word or meaning of adaptations is I will be able to tell them.



More Funding for Public and Private Schools BTN



That the schools are not getting enough funding to pay for their buildings and equipment.

Public schools get payed more from the government and private schools get payed more from the federal government.

Public schools get more money from the government while private school don’t get payed as much because the parents pay more to go their so they use the money the parents/guardians give for the child to go to the school.


the government should listen to what the schools need.


why isn’t the government giving to schools the money they need?

why does the federal government give money to the private schools instead of the public?


100 word challenge

a lighting storm was coming so quickly to our town everyone was taking cover, but I wasn’t, I was looking for my mum. she said she was going to the shops to get some food for shelter, I was starting to get worried because the storm was getting closer and closer. Then it was here the storm was here, and my mum still wasn’t here, I am trying to not freak out. then all of a sudden in a flash of lighting I saw her my mum running to me and yelling “get in the shelter sweetie.” so I did as she said.

btn weedy sea dragon

only 15k from Sydney is dragon territory. the weedy sea dragon is one of the listed endangered animals. these cool looking animals live in seaweed because they loved to drift with it.

but now scientist say that because of climate change, these wonderful animals may become excitant forever. so they have told other scientist around Australia to take a picture whenever they see them. because each dragon has its own unique design on it.

so maybe the next time you go to work or school maybe think of taking your bike instead of your car, to help reduce climate change and to help save these awesome animals.

100 word challenge

Art class one of my favourite classes of the day. ” ok students time to do some paper mache, but just remember it has to be about food.” what can I do… I know I will do a pear of hands holding a hamburger.

Finished doing the pear of hands holding a hamburger

(teacher comes and looks at my work) ” wow you did a great job…. I love how you did like a snapshot of the moment picking up the hamburger.” I learnt from the best didn’t I miss, ” oh stop your flattering me.” well it is true.


BTN War Animals

When you think of the word war you think of people who have given there lives in order to save someone else’s. but did you know that animals also went to the war as well…..

They were mainly used for communication because they didn’t have much and the soldiers couldn’t walk a cross the field to tell someone something without getting killed. So they trained animals to take the messages a cross the field quickly and safe. they would normally use animals like:


and birds

Dog were used more to smell if there were bombs in the area, but were also used to send messages a cross to one an other. Birds and especially pigeons, they would attach a little plastic cylinder on there feet and put the message inside.

So remember the next time you think of the word war just remember that it wasn’t just people that gave there lives animals did to.

100 word challenge

Today it was the day me and my mum go the museum. I was really excited to go I couldn’t wait to see the crocodile.

At the incredible zoo

We are walking in the hallway to the reptiles. I look around me the walls are wide and bright orange, I see the crocodiles within a cage. I am about to go up to see it when I hear a cracking sound, the walls collapsed on the crocodile and died. I am really sad that the crocodile dies. I run to my mum and I say “lucky that wasn’t me mum.”

Stop Whaling

for 100 of years people have been hunting whales for the meat, fat and the bones. Because people all around the world have been hunting them for 100’s of years the numbers of whales in the world are starting to go down.

In 1986 people started to care for the whales and made a petition to stop whaling for good. Then the countries all around the world started to listen to the people, and now more than half the world have stopped whaling for good.


100 word challenge week 7

I just couldn’t eat something so…..

 disgusting I couldn’t even look at it. On the outside it looked like a normal pie but what was in it may I ask you, it was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. The pastry on the outside looked golden brown, I cut a piece of the golden brown pastry on the pie with a cherry on the top, I can hear the pastry crackling then I look inside then that is when I realize it was a prank from my little sister Boo.

It was a disgusting mud pie!