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The Rain the Horror…..

The Rain the Horror…..

That rain caused so many problems……

And I was there to see it all happen. I didn’t want to be there to see it, but I was and so yeah, and I will tell you how and what happened……

It was a normal, well I would say normal if that means the popular group is making fun of the nerds again. Then detention kids are making more trouble than usual then, yeah, that is normal.

Then there’s me, a girl who just sits in the corner of the class reading a book in peace and quiet where no one will distract me, not even my friend’s do you want to know why because I DON’T HAVE ANY!!!!!

Any way that would really just be my day, reading and sitting in the back of the class. If it was lunch I would go in the cleaner’s closet and read, ahhh… the memories. The teacher slaps the ruler on the table. “Miss Bluewood would you like to tell me why you are still reading that, that book?” “Umm because it’s a nice book,” I said very scared.

And then that’s when it happened the rain the horror. I don’t even want to tell you, actually you know what, I won’t tell you.

Even if you are begging me really hard I won’t tell you, hang on did you say chocolate I mean I will do anything for choco… wait are you trying to tell me what happened by giving me chocolate? Well it is working, oh fine I will tell you.

Ok so as I said I was reading my book when Miss Judejohnstone interrupted me. “Well Miss Bluewood I am waiting.” “ahhh umm Geo…rge cre..ated th..e,” “I don’t want to hear it,” Miss Judejohnstone said in a mean and angry way.

Finally, the class was over, the down side was that I was in put in detention. Normally I would be happy because I can read in peace and quiet, but all the detention kids were in here. And the worst thing was I had to spend 3 hours in here with them.


3 hours later….

Oh My God…. I don’t think I could last another minute longer with those boys. I got home and my mum was so scared she thought I got kidnapped, so I explained why I was late.

Then the next day when I was at school, I tried to forget about detention and when Miss Judejohnstone yelled at me. Anyway, I went on as usual and went in the cleaner’s closet to read.

Then it was time for class and it was my favourite subject, but guess who was teaching it, Miss Judejohnstone. Ahhh and I thought this day couldn’t get any worst.

And then it happened. The rain, the horror. I was about to scream but if I did, water would have gone in my mouth. And then…..

To be continued……






My Goldfish

My Goldfish

My Goldfish




“Hey, hey you, yeah you, pay attention to me, hello?”

“Wh, wh who’s there?”



“Ok so this is how it goes, I am your pet goldfish called Goldie ok, good so I have some things to talk with you about.”

“Like what?”

“Ok, so the first thing is that my water is filthy! I mean can you not at least clean it once or twice a week you clean it every year.”

“Yeah, ok so what is the big deal?”

“What’s the big, what’s the big…..uh doesn’t matter.”

“So on to the next thing.”

“Wait there’s more!”

“Ah yeah. Ok the second thing is the tank is too boring! Can you at lease put something in my blow to make it more fun?”

“Yeah ok I am going to the shops right now I can get you something like table tennis games or whatever.”


1 hour later

(Owner comes back from the shops.)

“Oh come on I forgot sorry,”

“O, M, G!!!!!!!!”

“But I did get some chips if you wanted any?”

Power to make laws for all!

Power to make laws for all!

Ladies & Gentlemen

It has come to my attention that men have been given more rights than women, for example it is illegal for women to vote for federation.

Women should the equal rights and terms to men, because all we have to do is cook, clean and wait for our husbands to get home from work.

Us women only have rights to logically be involved in the constitutional rights of women is to occupy the British throne, but yet we are in Australia.

So if you are with me make a start to equal rights for women and men.

Thank You


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