More Funding for Public and Private Schools BTN



That the schools are not getting enough funding to pay for their buildings and equipment.

Public schools get payed more from the government and private schools get payed more from the federal government.

Public schools get more money from the government while private school don’t get payed as much because the parents pay more to go their so they use the money the parents/guardians give for the child to go to the school.


the government should listen to what the schools need.


why isn’t the government giving to schools the money they need?

why does the federal government give money to the private schools instead of the public?


btn weedy sea dragon

only 15k from Sydney is dragon territory. the weedy sea dragon is one of the listed endangered animals. these cool looking animals live in seaweed because they loved to drift with it.

but now scientist say that because of climate change, these wonderful animals may become excitant forever. so they have told other scientist around Australia to take a picture whenever they see them. because each dragon has its own unique design on it.

so maybe the next time you go to work or school maybe think of taking your bike instead of your car, to help reduce climate change and to help save these awesome animals.

BTN War Animals

When you think of the word war you think of people who have given there lives in order to save someone else’s. but did you know that animals also went to the war as well…..

They were mainly used for communication because they didn’t have much and the soldiers couldn’t walk a cross the field to tell someone something without getting killed. So they trained animals to take the messages a cross the field quickly and safe. they would normally use animals like:


and birds

Dog were used more to smell if there were bombs in the area, but were also used to send messages a cross to one an other. Birds and especially pigeons, they would attach a little plastic cylinder on there feet and put the message inside.

So remember the next time you think of the word war just remember that it wasn’t just people that gave there lives animals did to.

Stop Whaling

for 100 of years people have been hunting whales for the meat, fat and the bones. Because people all around the world have been hunting them for 100’s of years the numbers of whales in the world are starting to go down.

In 1986 people started to care for the whales and made a petition to stop whaling for good. Then the countries all around the world started to listen to the people, and now more than half the world have stopped whaling for good.



Afl was found more than 150 years ago
Thomas Wentwerth wills had traveled all over the world and when he came back from England he told everyone in his area of Australia to play this game in the winter to keep them warm.
but scientist say that before Thomas Wentwenth wills might have not discovered it the aboriginals have a similar sport but the ball was made out of kangaroo skin and had more players that is why scientist believe that the aborigines were playing it before Thomas Wentwerth wills discovered it.

BTN Plant Bank

I thought a bank was to put our money in well I am wrong. Did you know that there is something called a plant bank, I know right I mean would you ever think of something like this.

A plant bank is where scientist from Australia collect seeds and store them in nitrogen to stop them from growing, because if there is another natural deserter if some people survive they can plant the seeds and eat and the human population will go up again.

Australia is also one of 15 counties that have the most plants in the world. Scientist say that before humans were alive there were  more than 60 types of plants. But because of global warming and other threats to the world we have lost at least 60 species of plants in Australia. Scientist are scared we will keep losing more species until there will only be one left.

Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee


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This video was about how Anh Doh and his family fled from Vietnam to go to Australia in tough conditions.

He fled the country Vietnam when he was 2 years old.

He settled in Sydney when they arrived in Australia

He and his family had 2 attacks from pirates and was dangling his brother over the boat who is now the 2005 young Australian of the year.

how long did it take for him to speak fluent English?

what food did he eat while he was at sea?

how he survived the 5 days out at see with him his mum, dad and his little brother that is amazing.




Australia’s history

Australia is a vast country on one area of land and it is very large. On 1642 Dutch explorer Aden Tamise found Tasmania if he was to stay we might all be speaking Dutch. Australia was not claimed until 1770 by Captain James cook.

Then by the 1800 there were 6 colonies which acted like 6 different countries and it was like Great Britain was the boss of them all. But they realised things if they joined each other so they joined, so then they had to wait for an agreement that Great Britain signed that said they would be one country on July 9th 1900. And there has not been any problems since.

BTN first fleet


This video clip was about the rough times back in the day.

Kids would steal cloths and sell them for a living,

But they would get a sentence, sometimes their sentence was hanging to death.

Then over time there wasn’t enough space so they went looking for somewhere to put them.

Then the government sent captain cook and a few others to go and find a place to put them.

So they found Australia and they went to NSW.

They went back and told the others about the place so they bordered the criminals on the ships and set off.

There were 11 ship prepared for them there was 6 for the criminals and 5 for the food, water and to make a colony the 6 ships were called: Alexander, Friendship, Charlotte, Lady Phenryh, Prince of Wales and Scarborough.

When they got there it was the 26th of January and that’s why we celebrate Australia day.