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100 wc

100 wc

they knew Christmas was around the corner

and they were busy making and putting toys together

feeding the reindeer, taking care of them

helping Mr and Mrs clause

they knew that by the end of this they would be exhausted

but it wasn’t finished yet

everyday until the 24th to the 25th would be the same

they just had to keep going and being optimistic

soon 23rd came around and the wind of relief swept their shoulders

they  packed the sleigh with all the presents

then came Christmas and they were done until next year

but they were exhausted


100 wc

100 wc

You know that moment that you want no you know to see you because you put random clothes on and is just going to get something from the 7 eleven well it was luck that me and my mum both were going to the 7 eleven when they were investigating a crime sense there and the 9 news was there, another thing was while we were leaving they wanted to interview us. we said no and went home. later that night i was going though the channels and i see us on TV. “mum,…. we seem to be on TV and we have our ugly clothes on TV.

100 wc

100 wc

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

one day i saw a play and it was a knock off version of the “wizard of oz.” i was up to the bit where the house just lands at the land of oz and Dorothy just got handed the red shoes, after that like in the movie she follows the yellow brick road and you along the way she meets characters to help her well instead of the lion and this is the knock off bit it was a gorilla and it wasn’t very pretty. the movie continued but instead of a lion it was a gorilla.

100 wc

100 wc

” Hey Emily,”

“yes mum..”

“you have to babysit your brother tonight because your dad and i are going out somewhere”

“but mum, i was meant to go to Hannah’s house for a sleepover tonight and i cant miss that.”

“well then you can have a sleepover tomorrow night”

“why mum i want to go today,” Emily started to say while having a little tantrum.

“because i said so Emily, END OF STORY!”

mum and dad leaves

“Fred go to your bed and sleep OK…..”

“but i need dinner.” said Fred pulling face he knew she couldn’t resist.

“fine i will make mac and cheese.”


100 wc

100 wc

it was the first time a had smiled in years since the war, and when my parents left me. another war had come, i had been very injured in it but one help me i had no parents to say ” are you ok, we will get you help.” all i could do was sit their on the ground in pain. except for this one lady. she came up to me helped me up, took me to help and then gave me a soup and said “get up and keep going”. i had the soup and then i smiled it reminded me of the time when my mum used to make this. when i was bandaged up, i stood up and with a smile on my face said “i am worth a life.”

100 wc

100 wc

my hands are small.

and i am small.

the rope is strong

like my heart

i grasp the rope

and say

i can do whatever i put my mind to

people look at me and go

wow she is so weak

but people don’t know that about me

they just amuse it


i am a strong

independent girl

who doesn’t care what others think

i am my own person

i could be smart but considered a nerd

i could be dumb but still not be considered popular

but i don’t care




“hmmm……. what colours should this be? I think the wall she be grey or black, but white and  a off white will go to. WHY SO MANY COLOURS!!!!!!!!! because yellow, red, pink or even green could go. what am I going to do. I know I will paint every single room a different colour, yeah that’s a great idea, nope, nope, nope I cant see it, it will look horrible if I do that. I know I will paint the walls something different every month that way I can keep changing up the colours in my house.

100 wc

100 wc


I was at a restaurants at around 5:30 or 6:00pm and I was eating the most  delicious fish ever (salmon). It a beautiful warm pink colour. Next to me was the balcony and outside the balcony was a river, the river was relaxing and calm. On the other hand the building/restaurant was 3 stories high with so many stairs and I don’t think I have told you but I am actually kind of scared of heights so most of the time I have to take an elevator so I don’t see how high I am going. Its going to be a great day.

100 wc

100 wc

As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face…

(postman puts a letter in the mailbox and I go to grab it) “whats this?” I thought to myself because I wasn’t expecting anything. “OMG its the letter to see if I go to the university of my dreams, I am so nervous.” (opens letter and sees…….) ” I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!” that night I was still so excited I couldn’t sleep instead I just kept imagining what it would be like. but as I kept thinking and think I soon started to second guess myself. “I have made a huge mistake…….”

100 wc

100 wc

OMG,OMG what have I done? I can’t believe what I just did, why did I do that. I am going to be in so much trouble when mum ones home. well you see I was trying to bake cupcakes when umm, you know in the cat and the hat where the oven exposed… well that’s what happened except its not purple. oh no what am I going to say, oh I know I will blame it on the cat I will say “the cat was running up and down and started touching the oven dials.” that would have been a good solation if I had a cat but I had a cat but I don’t.

“max we are home….”

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