Facts-In the late 1960’s the thought of  heading to space was interesting so Russia launched the first human to space his name being Yurie Gagarin and he was travelling in the Vostok 1 which was there latest rocket. Space is a really hard place to survive because its cold and has no air so soon after that America soon took interest and launched the first people on the moon called Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and because of that more and more people became interested in space so then they wanted to built the international space station (ISS). Now we have so many ideas about space trips like getting humans to mars by 2030 and even filming a reality TV show in MARS. By the time that comes around if people would want to go to space it would cost a lot.


Why do people want to live in mars?

What if people are on mars and they run out of supplies?

Understanding- I understand the how far the interest in space has come and how much work it takes people and how much of an achievement it will be when people live on mars.

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