100 word challenge

100 word challenge

“This is the 7 o’clock news live, with Lucinda Spitsbergen and I am here at the park because a weird object has landed and it has been seen to be a teleportation machine there has been police and scientist here to work out what this machine is. Now we are going to go talk to one of  the scientist to see what is going on.”

“Well as you can see, this is a teleportation machine we are not sure where it goes but, we will be doing further research and trying to work out what it is.”

“Thank you and that is all for today good night.”

One thought on “100 word challenge

  1. Emily,
    what a great idea to create a news bulletin! It makes sense that in a good science-fiction story the new discovery would be broadcast on the news. I can also tell that you’ve paid closer attention to your punctuation and grammar.
    Keep up the great work!

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