Facts- Just to see the slightest bit of rain is enough to get people over there excited. Capetown is a city down the bottom of Africa, but for the last few years, they’ve been in a drought. But in the last few months, it’s gotten a whole lot worse. As humans we depend on water, and for most we don’t think about how much we use. For people in Cape Town (experiencing a seemingly endless drought) water is scarce. They only get 50 litres a day that’s barely enough to get you through the day. That doesn’t give you much because of stuff like laundry, dishes, and toilets all that is already 27 liters. If day zero arrives then people will have to start to walking to collection points to get 25 liters of water. The restrictions have made a difference pushing day zero further away.

understanding- i understand that droughts can really effect people and animals

Question- where are they most common?

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