In Hawaii, there is currently a volcano called Killer Wayer one of the most deadly volcanos there are/ever been. For the past couple of weeks, it has started to erupt again, and it is killing everything in its path. Some of the locals say it is moving faster than a turtle but still very slow so people have time to evacuate that part of Hawaii,  and this volcano is one of the reasons Hawaii even exists. Killer Wayer is a hot spot volcano which means they magma has built up under the earth’s crust and when the pressure builds up it creates a volcano but since there is an ocean in its way it hardens and becomes a mountain and because the earth has something called tectonic plates on its surface when they move the mountain move with it and when that cycle repeats it soon will create land/islands and that is why Hawaii looks so weird because the magma hardened very weird. Killer Wayer has been erupting since 1983 (that’s a really long time) and this is the worst it has been in a long time. Some locals are more worried when the volcano stops it will create more steam which is pressure for the volcano and it might even EXPLOD!!!!!!!!!! People say it is scary but it is also really cool at the same time because you don’t see that every day.

I understand that volcanos are cool but can be one of the most deadly things on Earth.

Why is everyone so relaxed about it?

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