100 word challenge

100 word challenge

Goal: to do something most people can relate to.

the package finally came from IKEA it was my new desk I couldn’t wait to use it because they said it was already set up I just had to put a couple of the pieces together. (opened the box) wait IT’S A FLAT PACK!!!!!! noooo., I don’t know how to put a flat pack together because I didn’t understand the instructions. they were like “put piece 1 and 3 together with screw 6 and then……” they were too confusing so I called for back up my friends. It took us 2-4 hours to put the desk together but we did it in the end.

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Quite the challenge Emily! Ikea furniture directions are from another planet. I love that you called your squad for support! Great story!

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