BTN drought

BTN drought




A drought is where there has been little to no rain for months or sometimes even years. This past couple of years it has been extremely hard for some farmers because they live in Queensland and they are in the sunshine state (as they call it.)  2 boys called Lochy and Angus both live in the farm areas of Queensland and are having it really tough because because it is hard for them to grow seed, veggies, fruit and even grass to feed their animals. Just imagine for us it probably only takes us 5-25 minutes to get to school and for some kids, it take’s 2 hours. Now 90% of Queensland is declared in drought, that’s the most widespread drought in the state they’ve ever recorded. Now the 2 boys are just hoping for rain but they said that they will never give we up the country even if there are droughts.

I understand what droughts can do to some families and how they are really bad for our living.

how is it possible for there to be no rain if Queensland is right next to the ocean?

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  1. Emily,
    Interesting question about Queensland being next to the ocean, but having no rain. Queensland is a huge state- some parts of it are almost 1000 kms from the ocean and are pretty much desert. The interesting thing about the geography of Queensland (and, indeed all of eastern Australia) is that there is a “Great Dividing Range” (copy this link to see a map that shows where it runs- ) of mountains that runs up near the coast all the way up Australia. It stops the rain that usually falls near the ocean from traveling further inland. This has often led to droughts.

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