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Month: January 2018

My Letter

My Letter

Hi ant,

I just want to tell you how excited I am to be in your class this year, I know that this year will be the best. Now let me tell you a bit about myself…..

My favourite things are…..

The first thing is definitely being my family because they are so supportive of me and my distinctions but, I will tell you more about them a bit later. My second favourite thing or things are my friends. I have had really, really, REALLY close friends since prep and it is so hard to think that I won’t see some of them at my new school next year especially my BFF Heidi I have known her since kindergarten. One year ago i write a poem about my friends and it goes like this (I did post this on my blog.)

“My friends are helpful,

My friends care,

They stand by me in rough times and good times,

No one can replace my friends.”

My third favourite thing is my teddy claddy (claw-ddy). I have owned him since I was born, my mum bought him at the hospital 1 or 2 hours before i was born. So if you looked at him compared with me he was bigger in size or he was the same size as me I am not quite sure. But he has been with me for a long time.

What is my family like?

Well before you know what my family is like you need to know who is in it so… we have my mum-Anna, dad-Manuel, ME, Michaela-middle sister and Georgia- the youngest. Ok so know to tell you what they are like so let’s start with my mum and dad. My mum Anna is a great cook especially when it comes to deserts her deserts are amazing, she is a very independent person so she will speak her mind especially when dad does something wrong, speaking of dad let’s talk about him next. My dad Manuel well it is actually Emmanuel but everyone calls him Manuel or Manny, my dad a couple years ago brought a business called merino gold it is a knitting factory they make jumpers, tops and much more. My dad likes to think he is a comedian but he really isn’t. Now for my 2 sisters Michaela and Georgia I will start with Michaela. Michaela is the middle child so that means she is the cheeky/ naughty and always up to mischief, she is also very active and flexible sometimes here and there she is a bit crazy. Now I will talk about Georgia the youngest. Georgia like I just said is the youngest but the toughest and maybe even strongest, anyway Georgia is funny and loves mums phone and the IPad and sometimes (always) is a cheeky monkey as my dad said. Ok so that’s enough about my family now to the next question.

What did I do on my holidays?

On my holidays I didn’t do much I just relaxed and slept in. I did go to bounce with Heidi like I told you in class but besides that not much so nothing to tell.

What do I want to do in the future?

In the future job wise I want to be someone who does bio-medicine because I have always wanted to be a scientist who makes medicine I always used to say. I always wanted to and still do this job is because I have always loved mixing coloured food dye in water together and other stuff that shouldn’t be put together, together so if I became that when I am older I would be so happy.

So that is everything I am sorry it is so long but I hoped u enjoyed and see u tomorrow in class

From Emily x

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