100 word challenge

100 word challenge

OMG look at all that chocolate  i wonder where we should hide all of it so mum doesn’t see it.

“the cupboard”  nah she will see it

” the washing basket”   she will still see it

“i know our bellies”

that is a great idea everyone eat eat before my mum comes home.


Ding Dong

mums home everyone hide.

“hello i am home anyone here i have cookies”

yay cookies i can’t wait to eat them.


wait a second i am full from all that chocolate i just ate oh well guess i have to est them another day

Bye Bye.

6 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. Hi em,
    The concept of this story is great (: really funny 😃😉😄😁😁.
    But there are a lot punctuation errors (No capital letters at the start of a sentence, NO CAPITAL I WHEN SPEAKING ABOUT YOURSELF + your missing some full stops)

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