Reading task

Reading task

Title: My Forever Home

Author: Gail



it doesn’t say what he looks like or what he is but  i think it is a cat because he said

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss.”


“He is worth purring for”

he is the main character so he plays a big role. at first he is looking for a home then at the end a family takes him in. he is really angry at first then he softens up because he found a family that loves him. with his experience i am not quite sure what it was.


i think he was quite smart because he knew that in the middle of the night at the back of everyone’s door there was food for him to eat. he knows that now he has found a family that loves him and that won’t kick him out like all his other owners. he was a big impact for the boy because i sounds like he was a lonely child so having a pet and someone else is a big impact. i think if the family didn’t take him in he would survive just fine because he knew where the ocean was and were to get food and even better he had shelter. i think he learns that there was hope that people or a family would still love him.

” people left food out at heir back door and i knew exactly where to go and find it.”


well at the beginning i guess he felt lost and hopeless and at the end i guess he feels the opposite to lost and hopeless. his feelings change because like i said before he felt lost and hopeless but at the end he feels like that he has a home and hopeful greater things will come. i think he feels like he is a nice and grateful cat but i guess over time he has to rethink it because no loves and he just has to keep walking. when he see people knocking down things that he lives with he doesn’t know what is going on so he thinks it is for him.

“now i have a massive bedroom underneath this platform. Wow, could my life get any better?”


well in the beginning he doesn’t get along with any of the people but at the end he gets a family. i think the boy wanted to be his friend because i think he was hoping he would be his pet. at the beginning he was really low now at the end he is really high in the families eyes. i think i doesn’t affect the story much it’s just like at the beginning no one wanted him or liked him and at the end a family wanted him and gave him love and a home.

” wow i have a nice family, they all moved in that day.”


i think he thinks his life is like one big nightmare because nothing he did went right at first, i think i based this on because he just was walking around no where to go and no where to stay with the fact that no one wanted him to be there pet or part of their family. these choices don’t really affect him really. like i said before at first it was like a nightmare then it change because he found a home and a family. i guess the family really wanted a pet and i guess when they found him they were really happy.

“They became forever family.”


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