Reading Task

Reading Task

Title: Charles

Author: Shirley Jackson


1st fact

I think Laurie, Charles and the mum i think or narrator are the main characters. Laurie’s personality is like he gossips about what Charles does everyday that is bad. Charles is a trouble maker and loves to not corporate. the mum or narrator is like a nervous and sensitive type.

Laurie: “; Charles yelled during story hour and hit a boy in the stomach and made him cry.; Charles yelled during story hour and hit a boy in the stomach and made him cry.”

Charles: “Look at my thumb. Gee, you’re dumb.”

Mum/Narrator: “bad grammar, and this Charles boy sounds like such a bad influence.”


2nd Fact

I guess that Laurie wants to be cool because I think he wants to copy Charles because he is cool.

Charles:  “He yelled so much they sent a boy in from first grade to tell the teacher she had to make Charles keep quiet, and so Charles had to stay after school. And so all the children stayed to watch him.”

that is want he wants I think.


3rd Fact

well… I think he encountered just going to school for the first time and not being with his parents for a whole day for the whole year. because in the 1st paragraph it talks about how Laurie leaves for school with his next door neighbour.

“I watched him go off the first morning with the older girl next door.”


4th Fact

I learnt that Charles was basically the opposite personality to everyone mentioned in the story. I also learned that the main message ws I think to be your self because I guess he wanted to copy the other guy Charles.

“You know what Charles did today?”

5th Fact

the setting was at school and his home I think the author chose those settings because their your everyday places you  go unless you go to work. I think he created this type of world because like I said before I think the author chose this world is because that’s our/everyone’s natural environment.

“The day my son Laurie started school he abandoned corduroy overalls.”

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