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100 word challenge

100 word challenge

Once i was in bed fast a sleep, i had a dream and it went like this:

it started in a castle with all my friends we were all together. we were having a sleep over party, there was a disco ball and there was big lights that filled the whole castle. but then all of a sudden it went dark. all of the lights stopped working a the disco ball wasn’t spinning. i was getting to scared so i woke myself up. when i woke i saw a scary shadow in front of me it was a, a ,a……

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

what a nice day at the beach no one recognizing us and no screaming fans. if only everyday was like this one. i still can’t believe it i am definitely, definitely not a famous celebratory. oh no is the the paparazzi oh no oh no. then the girl seating on the chair behind me recognizes me. “It’s Selena Gomez!!” everyone starts running to me. as they came rushing towards us we just had to run. we were running around the beach for what felt like 1-2 hours! then they stopped staring at something i wasn’t sure what but i just run.

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

it feels so good to be on the sand again after the incident but i am all better and healed up. i hope my family wasn’t to worried about me while i was gone i better go and tell them i am okay. i am swimming in ocean i am swimming in the ocean i kept repeating out loud. then i see something oh great it was another shark hang on it was the same one that you know bite me i know i don’t even taste nice. i was swimming and swimming but he bit me and i ended up back in the hospital.



Reading task

Reading task

Title: My Forever Home

Author: Gail



it doesn’t say what he looks like or what he is but  i think it is a cat because he said

“Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss.”


“He is worth purring for”

he is the main character so he plays a big role. at first he is looking for a home then at the end a family takes him in. he is really angry at first then he softens up because he found a family that loves him. with his experience i am not quite sure what it was.


i think he was quite smart because he knew that in the middle of the night at the back of everyone’s door there was food for him to eat. he knows that now he has found a family that loves him and that won’t kick him out like all his other owners. he was a big impact for the boy because i sounds like he was a lonely child so having a pet and someone else is a big impact. i think if the family didn’t take him in he would survive just fine because he knew where the ocean was and were to get food and even better he had shelter. i think he learns that there was hope that people or a family would still love him.

” people left food out at heir back door and i knew exactly where to go and find it.”


well at the beginning i guess he felt lost and hopeless and at the end i guess he feels the opposite to lost and hopeless. his feelings change because like i said before he felt lost and hopeless but at the end he feels like that he has a home and hopeful greater things will come. i think he feels like he is a nice and grateful cat but i guess over time he has to rethink it because no loves and he just has to keep walking. when he see people knocking down things that he lives with he doesn’t know what is going on so he thinks it is for him.

“now i have a massive bedroom underneath this platform. Wow, could my life get any better?”


well in the beginning he doesn’t get along with any of the people but at the end he gets a family. i think the boy wanted to be his friend because i think he was hoping he would be his pet. at the beginning he was really low now at the end he is really high in the families eyes. i think i doesn’t affect the story much it’s just like at the beginning no one wanted him or liked him and at the end a family wanted him and gave him love and a home.

” wow i have a nice family, they all moved in that day.”


i think he thinks his life is like one big nightmare because nothing he did went right at first, i think i based this on because he just was walking around no where to go and no where to stay with the fact that no one wanted him to be there pet or part of their family. these choices don’t really affect him really. like i said before at first it was like a nightmare then it change because he found a home and a family. i guess the family really wanted a pet and i guess when they found him they were really happy.

“They became forever family.”


Reading Task

Reading Task

Title: Charles

Author: Shirley Jackson


1st fact

I think Laurie, Charles and the mum i think or narrator are the main characters. Laurie’s personality is like he gossips about what Charles does everyday that is bad. Charles is a trouble maker and loves to not corporate. the mum or narrator is like a nervous and sensitive type.

Laurie: “; Charles yelled during story hour and hit a boy in the stomach and made him cry.; Charles yelled during story hour and hit a boy in the stomach and made him cry.”

Charles: “Look at my thumb. Gee, you’re dumb.”

Mum/Narrator: “bad grammar, and this Charles boy sounds like such a bad influence.”


2nd Fact

I guess that Laurie wants to be cool because I think he wants to copy Charles because he is cool.

Charles:  “He yelled so much they sent a boy in from first grade to tell the teacher she had to make Charles keep quiet, and so Charles had to stay after school. And so all the children stayed to watch him.”

that is want he wants I think.


3rd Fact

well… I think he encountered just going to school for the first time and not being with his parents for a whole day for the whole year. because in the 1st paragraph it talks about how Laurie leaves for school with his next door neighbour.

“I watched him go off the first morning with the older girl next door.”


4th Fact

I learnt that Charles was basically the opposite personality to everyone mentioned in the story. I also learned that the main message ws I think to be your self because I guess he wanted to copy the other guy Charles.

“You know what Charles did today?”

5th Fact

the setting was at school and his home I think the author chose those settings because their your everyday places you  go unless you go to work. I think he created this type of world because like I said before I think the author chose this world is because that’s our/everyone’s natural environment.

“The day my son Laurie started school he abandoned corduroy overalls.”

100 word challenge

100 word challenge

Today me and my sister Scarlet had a thought of going to the park seating on a bench while she plays her violin. when we got to the park in the corner of my eye i saw a beautiful seat with i little pink and white cushion on it, we went to sit down on the seat i think it was the best seat ever. while scarlet was playing the violin i looked around and the flowers were just about ready to bloom and the tree behind the seat was hanging over us it was beautiful. then the annoying sprinkler went off and we got watered. but we didn’t care.

Reading Task

Reading Task

Title: Joseph Bryant

Author: Anneke


Themes are abstract nouns

The feelings and idea of the story really helped me understand the main idea/concept of the story. I think the theme to this story was love, loss and maybe hope.

The first theme is love. In the story a boy and a girl are in love or each others crash. They share each others pencils and markers and sometimes when the teacher isn’t looking the would hold hands but while he in hospital and didn’t make it she would always have his love with her.

The second theme was loss. I thought loss because the girl in the story she lost her best friend and her sweetheart. She also stastes at the end that…. “And Joseph Bryant, my fifth grade sweetheart,  is the reason why I know the true definition of love.”

And the final theme is hope. because when they were in hospital they hoped he would get better even though he was getting worse. The girl was also hoping that she would get her kiss.

“I thought Joseph was going to kiss me or tell me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend, I remember having butterflies in my stomach and wondering what my mother would say if I had to tell her that I got myself a boyfriend.”

Themes are important human issues

I think after the story the author wanted us to think about what is the main message and how it would feel like if you lost someone you loved. I personally think the main message was have faith in your self because I think he kept saying I will stay alive. and it would feel terrible if you lost someone you loved because you will never see them again. So that is what I think the main message and how it will feel to lose someone is.

Stories apply to many readers

To people that have experienced loss to someone they loved or someone they knew then this story can bring back lots of sad and unhappy memories and to people that have not experienced loss this story can really make you think about what it would feel like and makes you very emotional.

Events represents ideas

I the hole text has a decant amount of figurative speech. like in the first paragraph has like 95% of just figurative speech. here is the first paragraph and you see for your self.  

“Love is a dumb and dangerous word. People misuse the word more than any other in the dictionary. I LOVE this apple, don’t you? or I just LOVE this shirt! but do they actually mean it? Most people don’t understand the actual definition of love. I do, which is why it frustrates me so much when people say that they love each other when they don’t. I know for a fact they don’t. And don’t even get me started when people say they are  in love with someone else. That phrase is destroyed by couples that say how they are in love with someone after a month of texting. They don’t and never will understand the true meaning of love.”

Experience evolves in patterns

In this story the repeating patterns a for depression. for example…

“Three years went by. Three painful years of visiting Joseph every single day in the hospital. Well, almost everyday; sometimes he was too sick for me to visit.”

“What is cancer? and immediately she started crying.”

They are 2 examples for the repeating patterns of depression.

Fiction is instructional

In this text the author doesn’t say what the themes are so you have guess what they are and as I said before the main themes are love, loss and hope. (you can find the information about them in the Themes are abstract nouns paragraph) And in the story they wanted to change joseph so he would live and get rid of his cancer so he can be a normal boy again.


100 word challenge

100 word challenge

OMG i was so excited today i was going to see my fav celebrity it was tay tay (Taylor swift) anyway it was my turn to get her signature and photo i was so excited but then i remembered that when people take photos of me with flash i intend to blink so i asked the photographer to not put flash on he said sure but then his shift ended so another person came and i also asked them to turn the flash off but he didn’t so i stood up straight and then the flash made me blink i wish it was the perfect photo.

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