Read like a wirter

Read like a wirter

Little ania


Read like a writer


This text was about a girl called ania and how different she is and because her mum wants her to change and because of that she gets sick and at one stage doctors say she will die but an old man comes to her rescue her and makes her better. it was very clear and great story

Little Ania was a very unusual little girl. First of all, she started out looking different.



I thought it was structured very well everything made since in its order and it wasn’t like she was talking about one thing and then the next thing she just explained it them when one to the next.

Ania said her mother over and over. ]Why do you have to be so difficult!



with the voice I could defiantly tell that she used a lot emotion because like ania was always getting teased on and that she said her self she was going to die is very sad.

At school the other kids teased her about her great, wiry mop of black hair. I’m surprised you don’t have birds nesting in your hair!


Word Choice

in this text it used more tier 2 and tier 1 language and it wasn’t tier 3 because doesn’t say very hard or challenging words they were more like golden and every day words

 Please stop being so absurd!


Sentence Fluency

all the sentences were in the right place because it wasn’t like it was talking about her at school then at the hospital then at school again it was like every sentence was where it was supposed to be.

By the time she was seven years old she was so sick that she ended up in the hospital.



Everything was spelled correct with the punctuation he manly used full stops, quotation marks and explanation marks and grammar was really spot on.

“But I don’t want to eat meat and fish and vegetables!”









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