100 word challenge week 4

100 word challenge week 4

Hi I am Emily. I used to have 7 or 8 friends but, they left to go to high school. When it was my last day at primary I was so sad I wouldn’t see them again, that I stared to cry and cry.

So then I only had one friend left and her name was Heidi. We told each other we would be friends for ever. One day we went to a museum and saw two men in a wall, we said “Those to men are a sigh of our friendship, we will always stick together.”

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge week 4

  1. I understand that you and Heidi are really good friends. This story was written so well that I wanted to read more. But something to work on is after you have written your piece maybe check twice to check your spelling mistakes but other than that everything was really good!

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