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Month: April 2017

Power to make laws for all!

Power to make laws for all!

Ladies & Gentlemen

It has come to my attention that men have been given more rights than women, for example it is illegal for women to vote for federation.

Women should the equal rights and terms to men, because all we have to do is cook, clean and wait for our husbands to get home from work.

Us women only have rights to logically be involved in the constitutional rights of women is to occupy the British throne, but yet we are in Australia.

So if you are with me make a start to equal rights for women and men.

Thank You


BTN Plant Bank

BTN Plant Bank

I thought a bank was to put our money in well I am wrong. Did you know that there is something called a plant bank, I know right I mean would you ever think of something like this.

A plant bank is where scientist from Australia collect seeds and store them in nitrogen to stop them from growing, because if there is another natural deserter if some people survive they can plant the seeds and eat and the human population will go up again.

Australia is also one of 15 counties that have the most plants in the world. Scientist say that before humans were alive there were  more than 60 types of plants. But because of global warming and other threats to the world we have lost at least 60 species of plants in Australia. Scientist are scared we will keep losing more species until there will only be one left.

100 word challenge (week 5)

100 word challenge (week 5)

Well, you are probably thinking what on earth is a car doing in a tree. Well……… long story short I will tell you.

I was in my car with my dad and then all of a sudden a big gust of wind comes our way, so we duck then, all of a sudden the car is lifting off the ground. My dad yells to me “get out of the car!” so I get out of the car trembling.

A few minuets later the wind stops we look up to see where the car has gone. To our shock it lands in the tree.

100 word challenge week 4

100 word challenge week 4

Hi I am Emily. I used to have 7 or 8 friends but, they left to go to high school. When it was my last day at primary I was so sad I wouldn’t see them again, that I stared to cry and cry.

So then I only had one friend left and her name was Heidi. We told each other we would be friends for ever. One day we went to a museum and saw two men in a wall, we said “Those to men are a sigh of our friendship, we will always stick together.”

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