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100 word challenge week 3

100 word challenge week 3

Once upon a time long ago there was a beautiful you girl with lovely brown hair. This girl was a great artist but it was hard to find inspiration. So one night her mum and dad went to the shops they were worried that they didn’t have any but the did and got her and beautiful pink camera and hid it under her pillow for the morning. The next morning the girl felt something under her pillow, so she looked and saw the camera. She was so pleased that she started to cry, she kept thanking her mum and dad.  Now she would always have ideas, because she can take photos of what she sees.  



i did go over with 115 words but it was the best i could.

Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee

Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee


Summary: Pink  

Recalls: Blue

Questions: purple

Insights: Red


This video was about how Anh Doh and his family fled from Vietnam to go to Australia in tough conditions.

He fled the country Vietnam when he was 2 years old.

He settled in Sydney when they arrived in Australia

He and his family had 2 attacks from pirates and was dangling his brother over the boat who is now the 2005 young Australian of the year.

how long did it take for him to speak fluent English?

what food did he eat while he was at sea?

how he survived the 5 days out at see with him his mum, dad and his little brother that is amazing.





Australia’s history

Australia is a vast country on one area of land and it is very large. On 1642 Dutch explorer Aden Tamise found Tasmania if he was to stay we might all be speaking Dutch. Australia was not claimed until 1770 by Captain James cook.

Then by the 1800 there were 6 colonies which acted like 6 different countries and it was like Great Britain was the boss of them all. But they realised things if they joined each other so they joined, so then they had to wait for an agreement that Great Britain signed that said they would be one country on July 9th 1900. And there has not been any problems since.

100 word challenge week 2

100 word challenge week 2

Title: Little Mouse

Prompt: …..but how can something so tiny….. 

How did it, how can it, but it did it. How can something so tiny save the word. When I heard this I was amazed that something that small saved the world and this is how wait for It, a little mouse yep can you believe it, it was a mouse that saved the world. Now I don’t want to go in a lot a detail so here is a summary of it: There was an evil genius who wanted to take over the world so the little mouse somehow stopped him and yeah saved the world….. So yeah that is how the mouse saved the world.

100 word challenge week 1

100 word challenge week 1

I am always last out of class because I always stay to talk and I don’t want to get a fine for a messy desk. You know that feeling when you get out of class and you don’t want to say bye to your friends, well that’s how I feel when I am leaving school. I also feel like if I am going to leave I have try and make an excuse to stay longer so I can talk more with my friends. We also have a group chat and I am always the last to reserve the text because they are such quick tippers.


this is my very first go at doing a 100 word challenge so i am not that good so i will get better.

2 soldiers who stole history.

2 soldiers who stole history.

2 soldiers how stole a place in history.

2 soldiers were stealing a piece of cloth because they wanted a new life living as a convict. People thought it was good to become a convict because you could live in a farm and stay/live in peace.

Then 7 years later the law changed and the person that changed then was called “Governor Dewan.” He was determined to make an example of them. So he put iron chains on them, he put them on their necks, hands and legs/feet. The iron chains made it very hard to walk in.

One of the soldiers was very sick so when he put the iron chains on him felt sicker. Then he stared to swell up and he was taken to the convict hospital, but then he died 5 days later in agony and pain. People didn’t agree about the new law so they wanted to put a stop to it. And it was only a matter of time before they took him down and that law.

BTN first fleet

BTN first fleet


This video clip was about the rough times back in the day.

Kids would steal cloths and sell them for a living,

But they would get a sentence, sometimes their sentence was hanging to death.

Then over time there wasn’t enough space so they went looking for somewhere to put them.

Then the government sent captain cook and a few others to go and find a place to put them.

So they found Australia and they went to NSW.

They went back and told the others about the place so they bordered the criminals on the ships and set off.

There were 11 ship prepared for them there was 6 for the criminals and 5 for the food, water and to make a colony the 6 ships were called: Alexander, Friendship, Charlotte, Lady Phenryh, Prince of Wales and Scarborough.

When they got there it was the 26th of January and that’s why we celebrate Australia day.

Abseiling Experience!

Abseiling Experience!

Abseiling Experience


On Wednesday at camp Bridge Water we did Abseiling. It was the best experience of my life, I was so excited and nervous that I decided to go first.

I put my harness on and went to the instructor called David, he was really nice and because he had a really, really long bread I thought he was Santa Claus. Anyway so I put my harness on and went to David, he clipped me up into all the ropes and told me which one to hold.

So there was a clip that you had to hold with your left hand and a rope you had to hold with your right. The clip was for you to hold for extra balance. The rope controlled you, if you wanted to stop you would pull it and when you wanted to go you would let the rope slid through your hand.

When I was all organized I started going down it was scary at first but then it was really fun and the best thing I have ever done. Then I was half way and I saw a ditch in the cliff and I had to take a really big step because we weren’t allowed to jump. So I took a really big step and nearly did the splits.

I finally got down and my dad was at the bottom because he was the leader of my group. So he took all the ropes off me and showed me a red rope then he said “follow the red rope the keep going left”. So I did what he said and I found my way back, and told everyone I am alive.

I really did wish I could do it again but I can’t. That was the recount of me in my favourite moment of camp.


PS: I would really recommend camp/cape bride water it was a very lovely place and has very kind people.  

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