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Month: June 2016

New Book!!

New Book!!


Today I found a awesome new book in the library and it is based on a real girl in Malta 1949 and it is called, Teresa a new Australian.

From what I have gotten up to it is about a girl called Teresa and her best friend George. Their country has been in a bombing raid and still is. George and Teresa has to take cover. when it was all over Teresa’s farther and mother were thinking of going to Australia. Teresa couldn’t go if George wasn’t going but they had to go to Australia, without George. But they were always sending messages to each-other.

That was were I got up to, and here is the blurb of the book.


Teresa and her family survived the bombing of their home and went hungry during the long siege of their island during the war. Life in peace time is still hard. Her parents want a better life, and so apply to migrate to Australia to find it. But after the long voyage to Sydney, there are more testing times ahead for Teresa as she tries to learn Australian ways, avoid the bullies and do well at school. She is not about to let anything stop her from making her family and her Nanna back in Malta proud of her.

And this is what it looks like and I defiantly would recommend it.


Happy Reading!

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