100 word challenge

Run, run, run he is coming. “who” the tiger silly.

“why is he following us.” Because i ate his food, it was really my food then he took it then i got it back and ate it in his face. “why did you do that?” i just told you

keep running he is coming keep running

why is he blocking the door

i am not sure what does he want.

i think he wants his food back but i ate i cant just give it to him.

yes make something up that he might like.

100 word challenge

There I was standing in the park looking at this new figure they put in. It was tall and had a black cloak with a hood covering his face. I wanted to see his face so I looked under to see his face then, as soon as I looked under I saw his very very I don’t know how to describe how ugly his face was eyes blink and look at me. then it started to follow me as I started walking away so then I started to run. I ran faster and faster then all of a sudden it.


100 word challenge

OMG look at all that chocolate  i wonder where we should hide all of it so mum doesn’t see it.

“the cupboard”  nah she will see it

” the washing basket”   she will still see it

“i know our bellies”

that is a great idea everyone eat eat before my mum comes home.


Ding Dong

mums home everyone hide.

“hello i am home anyone here i have cookies”

yay cookies i can’t wait to eat them.


wait a second i am full from all that chocolate i just ate oh well guess i have to est them another day

Bye Bye.

100 word challenge

“why did you do that mum, i loved that toy!” As i said crying to my room and slammed the door behind me, i knew things were not going to be the same with out my toys we….

Played in the park together

we went swimming together

and i would sleep with you when i got scared

we did everything together i don’t no why my mum though my toy out. i am so up set i can’t even believe she did that. (beep beep beep beep beep time to get up time to get up) oh it was just a dream.

100 word challenge

“Where are my boots? oh yeah right, now i remember where they are, they are at the bottom of the lake. How did they get there you ask well it all started like this. i was at the lake with my friends and and we were all taking turns diving in then when it was my first go i got ready i moved back for a run up then i run as fast as i could then i jumped. SPLASH!!!!!!!!! went the water, when i got out something didn’t feel right then i realized my boots. i saw them floating away.

the end

100 word challenge

this is something i care about.

this is something that cudgel me in the night when i was scared.

i love this thing so much.

i took it to my first camp and sleepover.

you helped me though rough nights.

you are very pretty.

you tried to read me stories but you never talked.

you are my best friend.

you slept with me in bed

my mum and dad got you for me.

i got you when i was just born in the hospital.

do you know how it was.

it was my teddy bear

( his name was cludey)


100 word challenge

i see a door in front of me i am not sure if i should go through it or if i should not. the door is black and brown it is old and dusty. there are spider webs all over it and a lock that fits a key. i have found the key to the door. here it goes i put the key in and so, what lies ahead nobody except me will know. i am looking in the door i see everything my past and present even my future. no wait isn’t it bad to see your future.

no stop!!!

100 word challenge

Ready or not here i come! Lilly yelled. we were playing hide and seek i was hiding in the bushes, i thought it was a really good hiding spot. while i running to hide somewhere else i noticed wet mud and i stepped in the wet mud and hid again Lilly saw the footprints but she didn’t know who’s they were so she kept on looking. then all of a sudden i looked behind me and there Lilly was. Now we have to find the others i said but then i saw everyone standing next to her. i won the game.

100 word challenge

Once i was in bed fast a sleep, i had a dream and it went like this:

it started in a castle with all my friends we were all together. we were having a sleep over party, there was a disco ball and there was big lights that filled the whole castle. but then all of a sudden it went dark. all of the lights stopped working a the disco ball wasn’t spinning. i was getting to scared so i woke myself up. when i woke i saw a scary shadow in front of me it was a, a ,a……